About Me

I opened this company in 2011 after working for other mortgage brokers or lenders since 1992, which gives me 28 years experience in originating residential and commercial mortgages.

I am experienced in all aspects of real estate mortgages from originating, processing and underwriting both residential and commercial loans

I am able to check the whole market for a wide range of products and recommend the most suitable mortgage for you.

I have a strong background in FHA/VA financing. Having underwriting experience allows me to be able to submit complete loan packages for underwriting and to know what obstacles are ahead.

I pride myself on customer service. I believe this is the only thing that differentiates an excellent mortgage consultant from the others.

 I will help you come to the best financial decision regarding one of the largest purchases of your lifetime.

Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction to both realtors and clients. Providing financing for property purchases as well as the utilization of equity in properties to help with cash flow needs of investors and small business owners. At Ultimate Mortgage Connection, our goal is to provide every client with the best mortgage for their situation by having access to a wide variety of different loan programs while providing outstanding customer service.

With over 28 years experience in originating, processing and underwriting mortgages in South Florida, you will find that we have a wealth of information regarding financing real estate as well as the best customer service in the industry.

With us you get:

Personal communication throughout the loan process.  Communication at your convenience (early morning to evening)

I personally process every application.  There are no departments or hand-offs of the loan to others

We will not suggest a mortgage option unless it is in your best interest.  Our reputation is such that if I don’t think it is a good loan for you or if I think you can do better going directly with a bank, I will tell you.  I would rather have your future business and referrals than to be the company that put you into a loan you cannot afford.

I will never let you wait more than 1 hour for a response to a call, text or email.

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